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The NHF Team

Here at NHF, we are a full-service studio, specializing in telling captivating stories with beautiful imagery.

We work with all sorts of brands, from small local businesses to international brands from around the world. Our goal is to create videos with impact, evoke a feeling, create a connection.

So what makes us different? We do it all! To achieve our unique styling, we not only direct and shoot, but we edit the final piece. It’s that extra touch and finesse that sets our video apart.

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Neal is the lead DOP, Director and Editor.

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Neal and Thuy are partners in life and business. While Neal is the lead at NHF, Thuy is secondary in line.


We work in conjunction to translate the client’s ideas to the final film. I act as Neal’s second set of eyes and creative partner throughout the whole process.

While Neal focuses on all things creative, I work closely with our clients to take care of the administrative side. We believe, the best films are created with focus on detail and organization from start to end.